What is GBKC?

Try to remember the day you bought your first bong. How long did you look at the range when choosing your new glass friend? Shape, volume, color, material, accessories - your head goes wild! But then you get your hands on the perfect one and you realize - it's definitely my buddy! That day your first "handshake" happened.

Now think about how many tons of weed you've already destroyed together, how many amazing moments you've had and how many secrets your best friend knows. We want to bring that unforgettable feeling back to you in a brand new and unique format.

That is why it is you who will manage the collection and create your own, best bong, assembling it from the parts you like. And trust me, it will become your best friend in the NFT world too.

It will be a whole new experience. You choose your own color, base, downstem, tube, bowl. You choose everything! You can even add accessories, ice or pour mutagen as a liquid. It will be very cool!

Why is the collection so small, just 420 NFT?

First of all, it's symbolic. It's our way of paying homage to all the 420 culture lovers. Secondly, we prioritize quality over quantity and do not make the collection for the sake of huge sales. We are confident that once you build your own unique NFT bong, you will put it on OpenSea not for resale but for the whole world to see how great it is!

Can we not create anything and just get a cool bong?

Sure, bro! If you don't want to build your own bong like a construction set, we've come up with the following:

— We have 42 unique bongs available in one-off pieces. For example, the homemade skittle bong or the legendary Stundenglass Gravity Bong. You can choose one of these options.

— Also, in our builder, there's a randomisation button. So if you're so stoned that you're too lazy to even move your mouse cursor, let alone think, you can just use the randomiser.

What about rarity?

The rarity table will only be known after the entire collection has been purchased. And we have no way of influencing it! You choose all of the items, so there's no way of knowing which one will be rarer or rarer. By the way, this is also a new experience in the NFT world.

When is the Green Bud Killers minting day?


How much does Bong cost?

0.024 ETH for Weed Lord [WL]

0.042 ETH for Public Mint

04:20 PM UTC