GBKC is a unique community of people from all over the world. We are all united by our love of good weed and modern NFT art. We want to give you a unique experience that will change the way you think about and interact with NFT collections in the future. To begin with, it's now up to you to determine what the NFT bong will turn out to be. It will be so exciting it will blow your mind! Color, shape, base, downstem, bowl, liquid, accessories - just your personal choice and no randomness. Have you ever seen something like that in other collections? We invite you to change the game with us! Creating your own NFT bong sounds incredibly cool, doesn’t it? But this is just the beginning of our journey.

The 420 Collection

The GBKC 420 Collection is the world's first NFT collection formed by members of the community. We have purposely limited its size as much as possible, leaving a number that is beloved and familiar to all. In fact, if you use a randomizer, you can create over 7 million unique bong variants. But as we said before, this limitation was made on purpose.

Referral system

I'm sure you know what a referral system is. You invite your friends or even people you don't know and get different bonuses in return. One day, we decided to implement something like that in blockchain. And today our solution is 70-80% ready. You have probably heard about the gas optimization in the ERC721A contract from the Azuki team. Let's be fair, it's a real revolution! We want to give the world our own development, which will be available to everyone.

Expanding the collection

So we have a basic collection that is 100% generated by community members and we have a referral system. Let's put these components together and talk about further development. At this stage, we plan to increase the maximum collection volume, as our community will grow day by day. But the coolest part is that all GBKC 420 Collection holders will receive a commission for new members. And if you use your personal referral system, you could earn a year's supply of the best weed!


So, you have your own NFT bong and it generates income every day. But don't forget that you are a club member, which means you should receive some bonuses! At this point we will be developing our community not only online but also in the real world. The GBKC ID Card will allow you to receive bonuses and discounts from your favorite brands or shops that, like you, appreciate the 4:20 culture.

The Metaverse

I'm really glad you made it to this point, because now comes the fun part! But promise me that as soon as you read this, you close your eyes and try to imagine what will be possible in the near future. A sunset, the ocean and an unlimited supply of weed. And next to it is the very bong with which this whole story started. It seems like only yesterday you were creating it in our editor and now you're holding it in your hands and enjoying the sound of the waves. Or maybe it will be an art space where all your friends or other members of the Green Bud Killers Club are around? Yes, it's a virtual world, but it feels like the real thing because it's in VR! That's our main goal and that's what it's all about. To create a virtual reality, where you can get some privacy and relax from the hustle and bustle or on the contrary have a great party with the stars and the authors of the project. You get to choose where you want to go tonight: the open spaces or the private rooms. You just need to get well stoned and wear a VR helmet. By the way, you can also play without a VR, it’s just with it you'll get the most immersive experience!

04:20 PM UTC